Roy Wood$ Set to Perform this Saturday at LIGHT Nightclub

Pop Out for Roy Wood$ This Saturday, July 9th, at LIGHT Nightclub 

Roy Wood$ is that kid in class who’s already reinvented the scene while everyone else is catching up. NME calls his style “‘00’s baby-making blues with ‘10’s rap,” and his latest music mixes in house and pop for tunes that knock. With Roy Wood$ hot sound, the scene will be so drippin’ wet Saturday at Light Nightclub. You won’t believe you’re partying in the desert.  

Losing Your Mind In The Palm Trees

Grab the “Bubbly” because Roy Wood$ has the beats that “Get You Good.” Since Drake blessed his original track “Drama,” this heaven-sent hunnie has been laying down hit after hit. His intoxicating single “Juliet and Romeo” is sure to make you fall in love with his sound if you haven’t already and keep dancing round after round, and honestly will live in your head rent-free well into the week. 

Feeling Dat Way

Roy Wood$ will make you want to “Say Less” with your mouth and more with your hips while he throws down songs like “Little Bit of Lovin” and “Touch You.” There will be no time for “Jealousy” or getting “Insecure” as you’ll definitely be feeling some kind of way from this soulful, sexy singer. LIGHT Nightclub has no bad seat “In The Club” while Roy Wood$ lays down his eclectic mix of melancholic yet tantric and trippy feels. 

Vamp Vibes 

Once you start the night at LIGHT with Roy Wood$, you’ll be “Unleashed” and shaking out the week. Lyrics like “Someone get the bartender/let me bring to my booth ‘cause/I think I need a shot again” will recharge you to full amped. Roy Wood$ is the perfect balance of energy to keep you hype all through the night, you’ll be so glad you saw the LIGHT. 

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