Masego’s DJ Set June 24th A Must-See for Music Connoisseurs

Meet up at The LIGHT Vegas Nightclub to see Masego performing LIVE at one of the best venues in Las Vegas!

Head out to LIGHT on Friday, June 24th, and catch Masego’s DJ set and more–a sound LA Weekly described as “the future of Hip Hop.” A Jamaican-American musician with deep roots, Masego threw a curveball at the music scene in 2016 with his EP The Pink Polo and is blueprint for new age Hip Hop, self-describing his sound as “Trap House Jazz.” 

With LIGHTs epic venue and Masego’s saxed-up, sexy songs, this experience will live rent free in your head for weeks. 



Masego is bringing sexy back and is doing it with sax. He’s incorporated sultry saxophone riffs into his tracks to blend with his silky vocals creating a jazz-soul fusion with a twist of funk. His appeal ups when seeing him live. You realize just how talented AF he is when he plays the drums, keyboards, and guitar throughout his performance. With this level energy, GQ describes Masego’s on-stage vibe as an “electric buzz.” A perfect reason to get bottle-service while you and your crew get after a buzz of your own. 


When it comes to mood, Masego understands the assignment. Something about his music hits different. It’s physically relaxing yet mentally stimulating–and it fits all tastes and types. Masego has the ability to get you amped but keep on pace with a solid mindset. Just relax, be present, and ride the vibe. 

Masego Has Incredible Style 

He is a suave and sleek individual who describes his drip as “modern uncle,” but it’s also fair to categorize it as “a panty-dropper.” His sensual style of music and aesthetic add killer visuals to his fire sound. Masego and his music are the equivalent of the little black dress: sexy, comfortable, classic, and perfect for any occasion. So, throw on your own tight little number and come catch this one live at LIGHT.