Hours / FAQ / Dress Code

What are the hours of operation at LIGHT Nightclub?

Currently we are open Friday and Saturday nights, from 10:30pm until approximately 4:00am depending on the night.  

Does LIGHT Nightclub have a dress code?

The following items are prohibited: athletic gear and apparel; t-shirts, shorts, torn or cutoff clothing; sandals, sneakers, athletic shoes, Jordans; hats of any kind; baggy clothing, chains, or offensive prints on clothing; backpacks, oversize purses; controlled substances or weapons of any kind; eye drops, gum, outside food or beverages, liquids, vitals, supplements, over the counter medications, or prescription medications; professional cameras and/or GoPros, smart glasses, wearable technology, or selfie sticks; the use of vaporizers (such as vape pens): any devices found in use will be confiscated and disposed of by management without compensation. Guests noticeably intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance will be denied entry and will not be eligible to receive a refund.

The dress code at LIGHT is strictly enforced, and you must be 21 years of age or older to enter. All persons, bags and personal items are subject to search at any time. If you remove your shoes, you will immediately be escorted out of the venue. We have a zero tolerance policy.

What type of music will be played at LIGHT Nightclub?

LIGHT features world class DJs and live performers playing an open format style(s) of music. Depending on the night and performer, this includes everything from Top 40, EDM/Dance Music, Pop, and even some Rock and other styles.  The music at LIGHT truly reflects the best and most fun programming of what Las Vegas has to offer.

How do I find out about upcoming events at LIGHT Nightclub ?

We are so glad you asked. You can find all of our upcoming events here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Room Charges through MGM Resorts Hotel properties.

Is there a lost and found?

Yes, LIGHT has a lost and found.  Everything that is turned in or found at LIGHT Nightclub is given to Mandalay Bay Hotel Security’s lost and found department. You can reach them by calling 702-632-7777 and asking for the Lost and Found.  

What items are prohibited from bringing into LIGHT Nightclub?

If you are visiting LIGHT please plan accordingly.  All bags, backpacks, purses or parcels are subject to search. The following items are not allowed inside the venue: illegal drugs (including marijuana), vaporizers, e-cigs, weapons, sharp objects, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, eye drops, contact lens solution cleaner, liquid hand sanitizer, tissues, wet naps, baby wipes, food, beverages and/or containers, toys, props, inflatables, video cameras and SLR cameras, Go-Pro’s, Smart Glasses. This is not an exhaustive list.  Management reserves all rights to refuse entry in its sole discretion.

Am I allowed to bring in my medications?

Prescription and non-prescription medicine fall under our zero-tolerance policy for drugs. We give our guests an option of taking the medicine back to their car or hotel room.  It is strongly not recommended that you do not to bring your prescription medicine(s) to LIGHT, but instead take proper dosage before arriving if necessary.  

Note: Diabetic kits, Epipens, and inhalers are acceptable as long as proper documentation is provided to support it. Such items are subject to inspection by our security personnel.  

What are accepted forms of ID?

A current, valid photo ID is required of every patron visiting LIGHT Nightclub and all guests must be 21 years of age or older (strictly enforced). NOTE: The use of forged or fake IDs is illegal and will subject the person(s) to immediate removal from the premises and possible prosecution.

The following forms of ID are acceptable:

ACCEPTED (must not be expired) –  Government/State Issued Driver License or DMV Identification Cards (as long as they are not stamped “not to verify ID”), Passports (as long as there are no missing pages, not laminated or handwritten and not expired), Military ID Cards, or Mexico Voter ID Cards.

PROHIBITED – Mexico Matricula Consular ID (current), Mexico Matricula Consular ID (old), United States-issued ID stamped “Not For Identification”, International Student ID Cards (any type), International Drivers Documents (License), Handwritten Passport, Passport issued when you were a child or teen (we cannot verify the photo of the person presenting the Passport)

I am visiting from out of the country. What is an acceptable form of ID?

A passport is recommended, but you may also be able to use your driver’s license if you are visiting from out of the country.

Am I allowed to smoke in the venue?

Cigarettes and cigars are the only smoking products allowed. E-cigs, vapes, mechanical smoking devices, and marijuana are all prohibited.  

How does the legalization of recreational marijuana in Nevada apply to marijuana use in LIGHT Nightclub?

Marijuana still falls under our zero-tolerance policy and is prohibited at LIGHT Nightclub and in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino where the venue is located.  If you are found to be carrying marijuana, you will not be allowed entrance/access to the venue.  If you are using marijuana inside the venue or observed in possession of marijuana, you will be asked to leave the premises without reimbursement.  

How do I request a VIP table reservation for LIGHT Nightclub?

You can submit a request for a table reservation here. You may also email your inquiry to lightvip@thelightvegas.com, or call our VIP reservations line at 702-632-4700.  

What is the process for checking into my table at LIGHT Nightclub?

On arrival please proceed to the “Table Reservations” line and check in with the VIP Host there.  

How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets for all of our club events can be purchased here.

What is the process of checking in with a pre-purchased ticket?

There is a dedicated line for pre-purchased ticket holders labeled “Pre Sale Tickets”.  Enter that line with either a printed ticket or a digital copy on your mobile device.  You must have an I.D. that matches the name on the the ticket.  

Can you scan my ticket from my cell phone?


What happens if I lost my ticket?

You should always do everything possible to bring either a printed version of the ticket or a digital copy on your mobile device.  In the event that you can not satisfy this, we can verify the name of the purchaser manually at the door, however, you may be required to wait while we process other guests who have tickets for entry.  

What do I do if pre-sale tickets are sold out?

If pre-sale tickets are sold out your option would be to pay cover charge at the door or purchase bottle service at a table. All forms/types of entry are subject to capacity.  

Once I am in, can I leave and re-enter?

Typically, we will permit re-entry, however it is subject to capacity and current conditions in the club.  There are some events that we will post a NO Re-Entry sign.

Who are approved vendor(s) of LIGHT Nightclub tickets?

Currently, TIXR is the only approved vendor for tickets.

I see many people along the Las Vegas strip selling entry in to LIGHT Nightclub including tickets, wristbands, VIP access, expedited entry, and VIP tables. Are they legit/valid?

If they are selling any promotional material it is not valid and will not be accepted.