We’re Giving Away Over $10,000 In Cash Prizes On Halloween Night. Welcome To LIGHTMARE!

Get ready for a fright-filled night at Light Nightclub on Halloween. Light will be transformed into LIGHTMARE for an evening full of scares. To make the night even better, resident Saweetie will be stopping by for an unforgettable performance. Don’t forget to wear your best costume because we are giving out over $10,000 in cash prizes! There will be winners for Most Original, Scariest, and Best Group costumer. The winners will be chosen in the most real way possible: crowd participation. We hope you’re ready to scream!

Grab your best costume and head to Light on Halloween night to participate. We will have a table inside the venue for you to sign up! It doesn’t get much better than going to a club on Halloween night, and we have just the night you’re looking for. Partying AND the potential to win cash? Best. Night. Ever.

Don’t let the party stop on Halloween, either. E-40 is following Saweetie’s Halloween festivities up with Function Fridays on November 1, and Lil Baby is performing at LIGHT on Saturday, November 2. You can see all of our amazing upcoming events here.

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