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In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, the one and only BlocBoy JB will be making his LIGHT debut on Wednesday, April 11. It’s already set to be one of the most electric nights of the year, and we’ve got 5 hits from the rapper to get you pumped for his upcoming performance.

“Look Alive” featuring Drake.

To call “Look Alive” a smash would be an understatement. The hit has over 170 million streams on Spotify and over 109 million views on YouTube.

“Rover 2.0”

“Rover 2.0” is a remix featuring 21 Savage which is BlocBoy JB’s second most popular song to date which made its way onto the Billboard R&B and Hip-Hop charts. His work with both 21 Savage and Drake are solidifying him as a force to be reckoned with in the rap game.


The most popular song off The Purple M&M mixtape was the biggest hit off the album and had fans looking forward to a studio album which has still not been announced.

“No Chorus Pt. 10”

“No Chorus Pt. 10” is where BlocBoy JB really started to gain some traction in the rap industry. Off his mixtape Who Am I 3, it was a hands-down favorite with new fans and put the rapper on the right track to becoming the innovator he is today.

“Bad Company”

“Bad Company” might be the work of A$AP Rocky, but when an artist like that comes knocking on your door to be featured in their song, you’ve officially made it.


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Grab your tickets now for BlocBoy JB’s performance to ensure express entry and an open bar until midnight. If you’re heading out with a large group of friends and are looking for a more intimate experience, a VIP booth is definitely the way to go.

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