LIGHT resident and notorious Atlanta hitmaker Ludacris recently sat down with The Breakfast Club and talked all things Fast and Furious, Fear Factor, and his music career.

The highlight of his conversation with The Breakfast Club crew was a Fast and Furious spin-off that was allegedly offered to the rapper and his co-star, Tyrese Gibson. Tyrese had claimed the pair were approached with a spin-off, but studios eventually went to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with the offer. The Rock confirmed Hobbs And Shaw would premiere in 2019, one year before the ninth Fast and Furious film would hit theaters.

At the time Tyrese was feuding with The Rock and was in the middle of a very public breakdown, so no one knew if they could trust the facts he was bringing to the table.

Ludacris squashed it all by letting listeners know he and Tyrese were never offered a spinoff. The Atlanta rapped admitted Tyrese was his brother and wasn’t going to speak ill of his longtime friend. According to Ludacris, there were always discussions about a spinoff, but he and Tyrese had never formally been brought an offer.

When the now-famous Rock/Tyrese feud was brought up, Ludacris said he tried to let his friend know he was going about things the wrong way. Ludacris felt Tyrese’s issue should not have been with the Rock, but the studios who decided to put a Hobbs spinoff before Fast & Furious 9. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the duo are super tight at the moment, as Ludacris described their friendship as “brothers at a very strong disagreement right now.”


Ludacris said he would have a hard time making a decision to return to the Fast and Furious franchise if Tyrese wasn’t asked back. There has been no official cast list for the ninth movie, and there is plenty of time for Tyrese to make amends with the entire Fast family before production even begins.

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