Best T-Pain Songs To Get You Ready For His New Year’s Eve Bash

We know how much you want to party for New Year’s Eve weekend, that’s why we at LIGHT have got some of the biggest artists coming out for the final party weekend of 2017. T-Pain is one of those artists, and his legendary voice will be taking the LIGHT stage on Dec 30 to help bring in 2018.

To help you properly get ready for his performance, or even if you’re looking for a playlist to use for the pre-game, we found several of T-Pain’s best hit songs on YouTube and threw the videos down below.

Always make sure to party responsibly, but let’s make the last memories of 2017 some amazing ones!

T-Pain’s biggest song ever is sure to get you in the mood for his performance NYE weekend. Just make sure you’ve got some money in the bank…

If this doesn’t get you in the mood to hit up LIGHT, nothing will. “Bartender” peaked at #1 and spent 23 weeks on the Billboard charts.

“Low” was one of the biggest songs of 2008, peaking at #1 on the Billboard Charts. It was also featured in Step Up 2 The Streets and encouraged all the ladies to buy their Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur.

T-Pain and Chris Brown have collaborated plenty of times, with “Kiss Kiss” being their most successful venture. It’s a throwback song that always gets you bumping in your car or in the club.

Everybody’s hands go up! “All I Do Is Win” solidified DJ Khaled as a music producer and the big name that he is today, and he couldn’t have done it without his boy T-Pain.

T-Pain teamed up with buddy Jamie Foxx in one of the greatest music videos of 2009. The video features Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, and even Rob Howard!

Good Life” earned Kanye and T-Pain a Grammy for Best Rap Song of 2008. The two may have had a falling out afterward, but at least the song is hot.

Back in the day, T-Pain and Akon used to collaborate all the time. “I’m Sprung” was just one of their many hits together.

If there’s a jukebox at a bar, you can bet all the money in your wallet that at some point in the night a girl is going to play this song.

Bet you forgot about this one! Plies may not be making music anymore, but he can thank T-Pain for making this track the hit that it was.

Another massive collaboration with some of the best rap names in the business. T-Pain and DJ Khaled launched “I’m So Hood” 3 years before “All I Do Is Win” and one song is not better than the other.

If you didn’t have “Cyclone” on your iPod in 2007, were you even really living?

Nothing will get you more pumped to head out to the club with your friends than “Best Love Song.” The song didn’t blow up as much as it should have, but is one of T-Pain’s best feel-good hits.

“5 O’Clock” was different from any other T-Pain song you ever heard. It was much slower paced but featured a killer cameo by Wiz Khalifa.

Nothing screams dance battle more than “Church.” It was just another hit of T-Pains to be featured in Step Up 2 The Streets and is impossible not to move your body to.

Good luck staying in your seat when this song comes on. The video’s biggest highlight? Kevin Hart serving as a backup dancer and hype man!

Now if that wasn’t the best party playlist I don’t know what is. T-Pain has a ridiculous amount of hit songs and you can guarantee he’s going to be blasting them with his beautiful singing voice on December 30.

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