5 Reasons You Should Do Halloween in Las Vegas

Halloween is one of the best party days of the year. If you’re trying to go all out for Halloween 2017, then you need to be in Las Vegas, which is one of the best places on the planet to spend Halloween (or any event, really).

Don’t believe us? Check out the five reasons why you should do Halloween in Sin City below.

Everyone Dresses Up, And Walks The Strip

Okay, so while everyone doesn’t necessarily dress up during Halloween, so many partygoers can be found in costumes during Halloween. Heck, Vegas tends to take Halloween to a whole new level on a yearly basis, making this (typical) one-day holiday basically a month-long party.

Fremont Street Experience During Halloween Is CRAZY

Speaking of celebrating for a month long, Fremont Street is one of the best places to spend this spooky holiday. They even have a theme during Halloween. Last year, it was “Rock of Horror.” From costumes galore to music to performances, Fremont Street really does go all out during this time of the year.

All Of The Haunted Houses (And Places In General)

If you’re a fan of haunted houses, then Vegas needs to be on your Halloween bucket list. There are sooo many haunted houses in Sin City, such as Fright Dome, which was “named as one of the best haunted houses in the nation by USA TODAY’s “10Best for 2015” and recognized as one of the nation’s most extreme haunted attractions for 2014 by Travel Channel…” (via frightdome.com).

In general, hotels tend to get all sorts of spooky during this time of the year, and there are more than enough haunted houses lurking around that will help you get your Halloween fix for 2017.

Because Places Like The LIGHT Vegas Exist

If you fancy yourself a partygoer, then you need to be hitting up clubs during the entire week of the holiday. For one, there are all of the costumes (the costume contests are too freaking legit — you will seriously see the most creative costumes you’ve ever seen). There are also the big-time artists.


At The LIGHT Vegas alone, Metro Boomin and Ludacris will be gracing us with their presence during Halloween weekend.

You haven’t done club night in style until you’ve hit up a place like The LIGHT Vegas during Halloween — trust us.

Vegas Is Party Central During Holidays

Everyone knows this little fact: If you want to turn the fun meter all the way up, then you need to be in Vegas. Not only is Sin City the ultimate playground for adults but it’s arguably the best place to celebrate a bachelor/bachelorette party, or any holiday, for that matter.

This is Las Vegas we’re talking about, a place where people tend to let out their wild sides to the max.

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