Get Ready For Tyga’s Labor Day Weekend Show With This Video

Labor Day Weekend 2017 is going to be such a fantastic time, and part of that is due to the fact that Tyga will be putting on a show at The LIGHT Vegas on Saturday, Sept. 2.

Tyga might only be 27 years old, but he has already dropped some major hits in the music world. Look no further than “Rack City,” which reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100, “Faded,” which reached No. 33, and “Molly,” which climbed to No. 66. In total, Tyga has landed 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100.

His albums have seen a lot of success over the years as well as Careless World: Rise Of The Last King (No. 4) and Hotel California (No. 7) both cracked the top 10 for the Billboard 200, which ranks the 200 most popular music albums and EPs in the United States.

Tyga’s most recent album, BitchImTheShit2, which was released on July 21, 2017, reached No. 139 on the Billboard 200.

Partygoers should be especially excited for a Tyga performance since he “has made some adjustments to his music as a result of his time around one famous family: the Kardashians” (via xxlmag.com).

“Being around that family really I wouldn’t say helped my brand, you know what I’m saying—business-wise or nothing like that—but I think it definitely put me in the light of more women, being seen that their fan base is more female-driven,” Tyga tells XXL. “You know so it kinda like made me reevaluate my music and kinda like how I move and carry myself I think because I know more women are watching what I’m doing.”

To prepare you for The LIGHT Vegas, you have to check out the Tyga promo vid below. It’s just a small sample of what you can expect during LDW 2017.

When you combine everything Tyga brings to the table — which is hot tracks and an amazing performance — with The LIGHT Vegas, you get one epic night. It doesn’t hurt that it will be one of the biggest party weekends of the year either.

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