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If you have ventered to The LIGHT Vegas, then you know how cray cray things can get, and you have likely let loose to the max in the process. With that said, for the purposes of this article, we are going to highlight The LIGHT Vegas being in the media.

The previous quarter for The LIGHT Vegas is in the books, and in the spirit of celebrating yet another successful — and LIT — quarter, we’ll be showcasing the top articles from around the web that featured the club.

Think of this as a quarter recap, if you will. Be sure to click the links to see the full articles!

March 20: Ludacris at Light Nightclub via

Ludacris dropped in on The LIGHT Vegas on Saturday, March 18. If you went to the show, then you know things got crazy in all the right ways real quick, and if you didn’t … well, you really missed out. As expected, the rapper/actor dropped top tracks left and right, and the crowd was jacked as a result.

May 21: Candice King Celebrates at Daylight and Light via

The Vampire Diaries star Candice King celebrated her 30th birthday at LIGHT. Not only was it one heck of a birthday bash but Puff Daddy was also performing. Diddy got the crowd going absolutely mental!

May 24: P. Diddy performs at Light via

Speaking of Puff Daddy, he turned The LIGHT Vegas crowd all the way up during his show on Saturday, May 20. Plus — and this is the really siiiiick part — he paid tribute to the late Biggie Smalls.

O.T. Genasis was also in the house doing his thing, and everyone raged like crazy as a result.

May 29: Ludacris Performs at Light Nightclub via

You better believe the great Ludacris made another fire appearance at The LIGHT Vegas. His most recent show, which went down on Sunday, May 28, was just as LIT as the first one. Not only that, but it went down during Memorial Day Weekend, so everyone was going HAM — to say the least.

June 2: Light & Daylight lineup for EDC via

EDC Week 2017 is currently going super strong in Las Vegas, and that is what this article is all about. It features DAYLIGHT Beach Club and The LIGHT Vegas’ EDC Week lineups, which are flooding with EDM stars.

As for The LIGHT Vegas, we still have two shows left! On Friday, June 16, everyone will be getting turnt to Steve Powers. On Saturday, June 17, you can get faded with Morgan Page.

Do your Vegas squad a favor by purchasing your tickets here, and we will be seeing you soon!

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