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Deciding what to wear on your night out in Vegas can be such a pain. Especially if you’re a first timer and you’re not exactly sure on what the nightlife dress code entails. Don’t worry, we’re here to lay it down for you! Most of the list is basically what to avoid while picking out those outfits. For a full list of the “don’ts”, scroll on down to the bottom of this article.


Upscale club attire. For men, this includes collared shirts or nice dress shirts, nice pants and a good pair of dress shoes. For women you can pretty much refer to the men’s but include dresses & heels. Your feet may kill at the end of the night, but damn did you look good (just make sure to wait until you’re safely inside your hotel room to take them off).

No need to explain: just take a look at these pictures for guidance…

light metro boomin

Don’t #1 – Sneakers, Sandals, Jordans, Athletic Shoes

There may be cardio involved, but this isn’t the gym. Don’t be THAT person.

Don’t #2 – Shorts 

Pool club, definitely. Nightclub, let’s not.

Don’t #3 – T-Shirts

Guys…it’s not t-shirt time.

Don’t #4 – Torn or Cutoff Clothing

This is not a Kanye NYFW runway show.

Don’t #5 – Athletic Gear or Apparel

We love our sports teams as much as you do, but save it for the Sports Book.

Don’t #6 – Baggy Clothing

There’s a fine line between comfort and couch-comfort.

Don’t #7 – Hats

It’s dark enough, no need to hide that pretty face.

Don’t #8 – Offensive Print on Clothing

Can’t we all just…get along?

Don’t #9 – Professional Cameras and/or GoPros, Smart Glasses, Wearable Technology, Selfie Sticks

Basically, just don’t try making a micro-budget indie while inside the club.

Don’t #10 – Controlled substances, eye drops, gum, outside food or beverages, liquids, vitals, supplements, over the counter medications, prescription medications

Let’s stick to enjoying libations from our fantastic bartenders and beautiful table hosts.


Upscale nightclub attire for entry. All persons, bags and personal items are subject to search. The following articles are prohibited: Athletic gear and apparel. T-shirts, shorts, torn of cutoff clothing, sandals, sneakers, athletic shoes, Jordans, industrial-style boots (Timberlands),  hats, baggy clothing, chains, offensive prints on clothing, backpacks, luggage, large bags (purses 8″ by 11″), weapons, controlled substances, eye drops, gum, outside food or beverages, liquids, vitals, supplements, over the counter medications, prescription medications, professional cameras and/or GoPros, smart glasses, wearable technology, selfie sticks, the use of vaporizers ‘vapes,’ any devices found in use will be confiscated and disposed of by management without compensation. Guests noticeably intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance will be denied entry and will not be eligible to receive a refund. If you remove your shoes, you will immediately be escorted out of the venue.