The hangover blues are — in one word — nasty.

The worst part? Just a day ago (well, a few hours, actually), you were going HAM at the club and living like there was no tomorrow. Fast forward to now and you are depressed, you’re currently enduring the headache to end all headaches and you might as well be walking around with your tail between your legs.

The hangover blues are evil, especially the hangover blues that sprout up after a night at the club.

Here’s the good news: We’ve got your back, and we will be unleashing some cures below to prove it. Take that, hangover blues!

Take The Productivity Approach

We understand, you feel like ish, your heart is beating at an alarming rate thanks to all of those freaking Vegas Bombs the night before and, for whatever reason, you are feeling down about yourself and life in general (“they” don’t call them hangover blues for nothing, folks).

In hopes of bringing your spirits up, do what you do best, which is crush your freaking job. You know, if you can actually get out of bed and focus.

Drink some coffee, pound the water, incorporate a Gatorade or two, turn up some music and just pound out some work. If you can’t work from your computer/from home, then get other stuff done. Go to the grocery store, meal prep like a beast, make laundry your … you know what, and just be the most productive version of yourself.

Sure, the hangover blues might be getting you down, but face the fire head-on by crushing life.

Rock a Gym Session

We aren’t scientists, so sweating your guts out at the gym might not be the best approach from a health standpoint (you know, because of dehydration), but working out after a night at the club literally makes you feel amazing, #amirite?

Sure, you might be feeling a little weak, and you might contemplate puking in a nearby trash after a set or two, but you leave that freaking gym feeling like Thor himself.

Can’t we all agree on this one: Working out in any fashion helps to cure a bad day, and it especially helps to dull the pain that your hangover blues tend to bring on.

The Eating/Drinking Method

What’s that? You don’t feel like being productive, and there is no way you are going to go to the gym. That’s fine, then go in the opposite direction by eating and drinking everything in sight.

Consume as much greasy food as you want, pop Gatorade bottles like you popped those champagne bottles the night before and simply eat and drink (not alcohol, of course) your hangover blues away.

Once you have done that, you can include the next approach as well…

Sleep Your Troubles Away

If you truly have the hangover blues after a night at the club, then don’t fight it. Sleep all freaking day. It’s likely Saturday or Sunday, so what do you really have to do?

Turn your phone on silent, make your room as dark as humanly possible and sleep the day away. If you are really hungover, then this is likely your go-to move. Just make sure you hydrate along the way.

The No. 1 Cure: Do It All Over Again

Sure, you feel like 50 shades of [fill in the blank] but you’re also a freaking warrior. This isn’t your first rodeo, dang it, and although you are really going to be feeling it on Sunday, you don’t want to squander your entire weekend because you went too hard on Friday. As a result, you text your crew and tell them to head over ASAP. You’re going two rounds!

Why do club night one night in a row when you can do club night two nights in a row, right?

Spoiler: You’re likely going to feel like death on Sunday, but this spontaneous club night on Saturday is going to be worth it. You’re going to have to wait a day, hangover blues.

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