It’s club night. Finally. You’ve been waiting for this night for what feels like a lifetime, and you are ready to go HAM.

The night comes and goes and you likely had one of the best experiences of your life for the simple fact that club night tends to have that effect. Unfortunately, club night has come to a conclusion, which means hangover city and the morning are right around the corner.

Certain things happen to you after you pull an all-nighter at the club, whether they are welcomed with open arms or are dreaded for days, and you can find these stages, if you will, below.

Buckle up!

You’ll Feel Like Sleeping For Days


Let’s face the facts. You went hard in the yard at the club until the sun came out. Naturally, you are going to be tired, but this tired?

More likely than not, you are going to be sleeping, wanting to sleep or daydreaming about sleep all day long. Your No. 1 goal in life will become catching some Zzzs — it’s only natural when you stayed up for an entire day, folks.

You’ll Have to Piece Parts of the Night Together in Your Memory…And Fail.

In between the sleep-fest, one of two things will likely happen: (1) You will literally wonder who you have to apologize to from the night before. (2) Slowly, your memory from said night before will come back.

Nonetheless, your memory is murky, and your brain in general will be a bit scrambled.

You Crave Fast Food Like You’ve Never Craved It Before

Fast food (and greasy food in general) is the best ever after a night out at the club, #amirite?

Therefore, and to no one’s surprise, you will be craving fast food like you’ve never craved it before. This will likely occur the entire day as well, which could lead to you going beast mode at the buffet or local In-N-Out a couple of times in one day. Hey, the beast has to eat, right?

A Song Will Play In Your Head — Over And Over Again


At some point during club night, your favorite DJ will play your favorite song, and everything in life will make sense as a result. Clarity will be found and you will finally understand the meaning of life. Well, that or you will simply start busting out your best dance moves.

As for the next day, this song will play in your head over and over again. Heck, you might even play said song on repeat the entire day … like a boss, might we add.

You Will Think One Of Two Thoughts…

I’m never drinking again, or we need to purchase more tickets. Heck, both of these inevitable thoughts could occur during the same day.

Nonetheless, everyone can likely relate to the five things that happen when you pull an all-nighter at the club.

If you are trying to plan your next club night, then make sure to purchase your tickets for LIGHT Nightclub ASAP! See you soon!

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