Lovers of the NCAA tournament and sports, March madness is among us. On Thursday, which just so happens to be tomorrow, the Big Dance will be the only thing that people are talking about — well, that and their busted brackets, that is.

If you just so happen to be in Las Vegas, or want to plan a quick getaway, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino during March Madness is your best bet.

Reminder: While the field of 64 takes place on Thursday, the tournament will be going strong on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then there is always next weekend to join in on the fun. If you are looking to make this March Madness the best one yet, then head on over to Mandalay Bay to experience everything this glorious resort/casino has to offer.


If you are looking for the ultimate outdoor experience, then DAYLIGHT Beach Club is the place for you.

Here’s the deal: Your bracket, at some point, is going to get destroyed by a Cinderella team that no one predicted, and you can ease the pain by cooling off in the pool. From epic DJs to cold beverages to kicking back in the pool, DAYLIGHT Beach Club is jam-packed with entertainment and fun, and it will surely make your stay at Mandalay Bay during March Madness even more memorable.

All Of The Lounges And Bars

Mandalay Bay is home to an overload of lounges and bars — and no one seems to be complaining.

If you find yourself in need of a drink as a result of all of the madness going on in the dance, then you can travel to a place like the Bikini Bar and grab a frozen margarita, or you can venture to a destination like Fat Tuesday and try out the infamous 190 Octane Daiquiri.

The choice is yours, and the options of lounges and bars are unlimited.

Bet On One Of The Games At Our Sports Book

If you want to take your casino experience to the next level, and also make the NCAA tournament a tad more interesting (as if it needs more intrigue/stakes), feel free to head over to the world-famous Mandalay Bay Sports Book.

When you only have one TV, it’s hard to catch all of the Big Dance action. You could, however, catch the festivities at the Mandalay Bay Sports Book and literally catch all of the games … at the same time!

Michael Jackson ONE

Are you a fan of Cirque du Soleil? Is the King of Pop one of your favorite singers of all time? We already know the answers to those questions, which is why you should purchase your ticket for Michael Jackson ONE now.

March Madness is arguably the best time of the year for sports fans, and you can make it that much better by staying at Mandalay Bay, and purchasing a ticket to Michael Jackson ONE, of course.

LIGHT Nightclub

The NCAA tournament is nicknamed March Madness for a reason — because the unexpected seems to happen on a yearly basis, and powerhouses fall early and often as a result. In between all of the action, you can keep your sanity, and have the time of your life, at a place like LIGHT Nightclub, which just so happens to be located in Mandalay Bay.

If headlining DJs and legendary performers are your thing, then you are going to want to check out LIGHT Nightclub ASAP.

Mandalay Bay is the perfect place to celebrate — and watch — March Madness as it has so much to offer in the entertainment department. Book your stay today

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