The Super You&Me party is no stranger to dance music fans. Photo by

Filipino-Dutch music producer and well-known DJ, Laidback Luke, has taken this party to all parts of the world: Tomorrowland in Brazil, Beyond Wonderland in California and much more. Ending Electric Daisy Carnival weekend in Las Vegas, Super You&Me finally set stage at LIGHT Nightclub on Saturday, June 18 with special guests Sultan & Shepard, Klingande, Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf. 

The artists and club go-ers dressed in capes, masks and other superhero attire to celebrate Photo by www.JamesColetta.comthe end of an amazing week of dance music. Luke made an incredible entrance by flying in from the second level to the DJ booth in his spiderman outfit. He took off his mask to reveal himself, and the crowd screamed in excitement. Gina Turner, Luke’s wife, even made an appearance in a Venom outfit from Deadpool. The club was decorated with comic book action words and a telephone booth, you know, in case you needed to save the world really quick.

But we think the real superheroes were our Light Loves… We’ll let them save us any day!

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Global Dance Electronic partnered with us to give away a VIP experience where 6 guests could meet Luke backstage before his set that night.Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 5.50.05 PM

Our contest winner, Alex (pictured on the right), had attended eleven of his shows and was over the moon about meeting her favorite DJ. Her superhero crew even got their capes signed!

The launch of Super You&Me is only the beginning for Laidback Luke’s residency at The LIGHT Vegas… So don’t put your capes up just yet. The best is yet to come!