The LIGHT Vegas

We are excited to announce our 2016 ARTIST ROSTER to you this week.

mixtape has always been a personal thing.  So many of us use music as a way to find the words we couldn’t find, to express raw emotion to someone special.

Whether it was 80’s kids with cassettes, 90’s kids with CDs, 2000’s kids with iTunes or today’s kids using Soundcloud, Spotify or iHeart Radio: the one constant has always been music.

In curating our 2016 lineup at LIGHT and DAYLIGHT, we started with the people who are special to us: our fans, guests and artists, and we crafted a real life mixtape for all of you.  We took a mix of amazing genres from electronic to R&B and found the artists who push the envelope, innovate and inspire and assembled them into a lineup that gives us butterflies.

Although each artist has unique energy and different style, they all have one thing in common:their love for music.

We’ll be releasing a selection of letters throughout the week personally written by our 2016 artists that describe their relationship with music and what they love about it. We hope you enjoy, and we look forward to sharing our mixtape with you in Las Vegas!

Wishing you light and love in 2016,

The LIGHT Vegas