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You have the best best man in the universe, which means said best best man is going to give you a proper bachelor party. And that brings us to the ultimate adult playground in the world — Las Vegas.

While you are living it up during your bachelor party in Sin City, you have to visit the places below — if you plan on having an epic time, that is.

Here’s to the best bachelor party ever with your bros!

Eat Like A King At A Nice Steakhouse

At some point, you and your dudes are going to want to eat like kings, and that is where a fancy steakhouse comes into the picture. The great thing about Vegas: There are an unlimited amount of fancy restaurants.

Tom Colicchio's Craftsteak MGM Grand

If you want one of the best cuts of meat in Vegas, then you should make reservations at a place like Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak. It’s located at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. On top of having a steak that will literally melt in your mouth, you can also add a couple of bottles of red, or scotch, into the mix.

Have Fun In The Sun At DAYLIGHT Beach Club

You’re going to want to let loose during your bachelor party, and so are your bros. Enter DAYLIGHT Beach Club (located in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino).

DAYLIGHT Beach Club Mandalay Bay Bachelor Party

DAYLIGHT Beach Club features one of the best pool party scenes in Vegas, and the hottest DJs in the business are constantly making appearances. Oh yeah, the girl scene isn’t too shabby either, so your friends are definitely going to like that.

Race Exotic Cars At The Las Vegas Motor Speedway

This isn’t your father’s bachelor party. No, this is your bachelor party, and it is going to be legendary!

Therefore, you and your crew need to head on over to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and drive some exotic cars. Who races McLarens, Ferraris and/or Lamborghinis on their bachelor party? You do, because of course you do.

Grab A Drink At Fat Tuesday … You Know, To Replenish

Fat Tuesday might not be everyone’s jam, but hear us out: The prices aren’t ridiculously out of control, and the — let’s all it nectar — in these bad boys will do the job. These cold beverages are perfect during the summertime as well.

If you would rather go to a classier place, then that is fine, because Vegas is not lacking in the bar/drink department.

Cap Off Your Trip Like A Boss By Partying At The LIGHT Vegas

Vegas is known for its clubs, and if you want to really go HAM at some point during your send-off, then you should rage at a place like The LIGHT Vegas. Like DAYLIGHT, The LIGHT Vegas can be found at Mandalay Bay.

Metro Boomin The LIGHT Vegas Mandalay Bay Night Club

Just to get a small preview of what you can expect to see at The LIGHT Vegas, make sure to check out our photo gallery. You should probably share it with your best man and your other bachelor party warriors as well, because they are definitely going to want to see these epic pics.

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